• Weight Management
  • Relational Nutrition –  Diet or Weight Control in Close Relationships
  • Nutrition Genomics (DNA + Diet) – Nutrition for your Genetic Profile
  • Psychonutrition, Food Addiction, and Eating Disorders
  • Pre/Post Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Body Image, & Hair Loss
  • Sports / Fitness Nutrition
  • Clinical Nutrition:  Diabetes, Gastrointestinal, Heart Disease, Surgical Recovery
  • Preventive Medicine & Health Coaching
  • Vegetarian Diets
  • Mindful Eating
  • Pediatric nutrition
  • Nutrition Seminars:  Q & A / Round Table on Current Topic in Nutrition (Includes basic nutrition review and body composition.)
  • Nutrition Support Groups

To schedule an individual or couples appointment, Contact Dr. Jessica Schulman:

If this is an urgent matter, contact your personal physician or dial 911.


Tel: 352-256-9259

Insurance and Reimbursement

I do not accept health insurance at this time.  Please check back.  I am happy to provide you with an invoice, by request, that you may submit to your insurance company or employer (HRA).

Fees may be Paid by Credit Card 

Groups, Retreats, and Corporate Wellness Programs

Contact Dr. Schulman to find out about new programs and to schedule a retreat or seminar for a special event.

Telehealth Sessions

Distance “telenutrition” sessions may be scheduled.  Talking via telephone works well for clients who travel, are homebound, or live far away.  (If you are hospitalized please consult with the staff dietitian.)

Walk and Talk Sessions

Clients are invited to workout (walk on treadmill or use a recumbent bicycle) during the session. In general, you should be able to carry on a conversation while exercising (particularly for pregnant women).  These “walk and talk” sessions reduce risk of diabetes, heart disease — as well as reduce stress and trim the waistline!  (A physician’s release form may be requested.)

Home Visits

Home visits are available by request.  (There is a $1.50 per mile drive fee within Los Angeles County.)  New breastfeeding mothers are encouraged to use this service.

Making the Most of Your Initial Visit

At the first visit, I will complete a nutrition assessment and develop nutrition goals.  This involves reviewing your health history, laboratory studies, food intake, current diet and medication prescriptions, body measurements, and lifestyle factors. To get the most out of your session, please consider the following:

1.  Wear comfortable workout clothes with a tank or t-shirt on top and shorts on the bottom.  This way, I can conduct anthropometric measurements such as percent body fat and girth measurements.

2.  Consider working out (“walk and talk”) during your session so that your time is maximally productive.  If you plan on using exercise equipment during your session, please bring proper workout gear.  (A medical release may be required.)

3.  Bring a 5+ day food journal for me to review.  If you would like me to conduct a nutrient analysis, I will need a copy of your food journal 48 hours in advance of our appointment.  I will use 3 to 5 representative days of your food journal to determine your estimated nutrient intake.  Results from the analysis will allow us to create personalized and realistic nutrition goals.  This is crucial at the initial visit.  Need for continued nutrient analyses is determined on an individual basis.

4.  Bring all bloodwork or laboratory results for the past 12 months.



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